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You can always "Start or Stop" at your pace within Nursingenrichment.org

Our site allows you to enrich your knowledge...and more specifically, at your pace, which means that you can hit the proverbial "start" or the "stop" button at will. Being a professional means that you engage in life-long learning, so you will always remain the best in your field. The focus on life-long learning is the reason that nursingenrichment.org is in existence. We exist for one reason...and that is because of you, the professional nurse.


MISSION: Offer free pertinent real-life educational resources for today's nurse. Today's nurse is: A NURSING STUDENT, A NEW NURSE, OR A SEASONED PRO. We promise to make you our focus. Our organization will accomplish this through a learning platform that is pertinent, modern, easy to use, and is sure to enrich the educational foundation, that the nurse has already received. Our focus will always be on the nurse, through a nursing lens. We will not lose sight of basic adult learning principles, which will continue to make you the focus.
VISION: nursingenrichment.org Will be the leading free real-life educational enrichment site, for nurses using the MOODLE Platform. Our site will always be easy to use, easy to navigate, and will remain free. Through such a focus, we will enrich nurses in such a way that they will always be that special concerned, caring, compassionate, and attentive specialty nurse that the public has come to expect, and deserve. 

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